What’s it all about?

The Meerkids Carlos (left) and Tosca seeking the answer to life’s biggest question.
What’s it all about?

A good question.

What is this blog of mine all about?

It seems everyone has something to say, and saying it has never been easier. Ours is an age of instant communication; we think of something one minute, we tell the world the next.

I used to keep my thoughts to myself, unconvinced that what I had to say would be of much interest to anyone else, but after a lifetime of living I’ve collected a few experiences that my friends reckon might be worth sharing.

There’s plenty to talk about, and in this place I’ll be adding to the cyberspatial library. I hope you find your time here is time well-spent.

A warning – not everything I say is serious – it’s sometimes deep and meaningless.

You be the judge…



I like to get feedback, so tell me what you think!

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