A Short Poem

In freefall there is no religion
In freefall there isn’t a god
Life’s freefall you need to perform on your own
And not blindly tag onto the mob

As gravity pulls at your being
It’s your decisions that keep you alive
And when under nylon you’re swinging
It is you that has let you survive

Your choices in life can be simple
Or your choices in life can be hard
Your decisions in life must be made all the time
Not dictated by words on a card

You must analyse, think and determine
Just how far you are willing to go
Or you can sit all alone and do nothing
And live all of your life just for show

They say that the best things in life come for free
That they all can be yours for the taking
I don’t see my own life as a fait accompli
I see life as a jump I am making

I make plans, I prepare, I decide what to do
I’m in charge of the life I am living
I have hopes, I despair, I see promises through
Those I love know I’ll always keep giving

It’s so desperate really how sad it all seems
What our world is so quickly becoming
Many people are willing to follow the beat
Of a tune someone else has been drumming

They’re so blind they can’t see what their life could become
They have blinkers that hinder their vision
I will keep living life to the sound of my drum
It’s my life, it’s my time, my decision


I like to get feedback, so tell me what you think!

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