Moving on…

she came into my life as a comet
her brilliance dazzling my eyes

her countenance so divine
her mind so interesting
that I was captured

and pulled into the light

and my life was forever changed

my soul mate
my friend
my lover

our lives entwined
our love has become our sanctuary
our love has become our hope

things once lurked in the dark recesses
and like a cancer grew within
with stealth and evil intent

and killed love

for both have known fear
and both tasted tears
and both have lost love and felt such pain
that new love seemed impossible

a die had been cast
and their futures declared

but love grew
and love bloomed
love broke open the barren ground
and bore sweet, sweet fruit

once I was hurt
I tried to understand
but failed
there could be no answer

it is what it is (so they say)

but now
it is time

time to live
time to smile
time to accept love’s sweet embrace

and move on…


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