A Moment On The Tips, A Lifetime In The Chips

Regretfully the world continues its downward spiral into unmitigated religious turmoil.

Fundamentalist diehards continue to direct their antagonism towards the “unbelievers”, those individuals trying desperately to follow their own path to righteousness and have their own voices heard, voices that in today’s pluralistic society should have every right to be heard.

The diehard mission is clear – they want the world to follow their god and their god alone. For them the world will not be pure until it is rid of anything not fashioned by the hand of their deity. They see no place in this world for anything unless it has been blessed by their lord.

They use every available means to denigrate the choices that people make, and take any opportunity to ridicule, denounce and decry anything that doesn’t meet their approval. You can see it in their messages of hate scratched violently onto inner-city tenement buildings. You can see it in their hateful posts on Facebook.

It has to stop.

It’s time for all people of good character to step forward and be counted.

As Australians we need to unite to repel this insurgency now, before it’s too late. We can no longer sit back and watch as these self-deluded religious crazies proliferate their messages of hatred into our historically tolerant society.

I’m willing to stick my neck out, but I need your help. I’d like all of open mind and moral fortitude to join with me in a new campaign against religious intolerance in our society. The forces behind these factions are powerful and have many supporters in today’s world, so only a concerted effort will suffice.

Before I lead this charge against those who would inhibit our freedoms I must first confess my own spiritual leanings. I must come clean, and announce something that may shock some of my friends.

I’m expecting a huge backlash and am willing to lose friends by telling you all this, but it’s a chance I must take.

So here goes.

I – own – an – iPhone.

There, I said it.

But that’s not all.

I also own… a MacBook.

I am the way…

Yes, my friends, It’s true. In January this year I plucked the fruit from the Garden of Eden and found my new god. I finally closed the grubby Window that had been distorting my view of life and joined the Jobsians, a rapidly growing sect symbolised by the White Apple of Purity. They’re an amazing bunch of progressive folk who have cast aside belief in life after the blue screen of death and placed their trust in Lord Steven of the Distributed Process.

Their philosophy annoys the crap out of Gatesian Society, that prehistoric flock who blindly follow the fundamentalist teachings of Brother Bill of the Coke-Bottle Bifocals. People don’t even realise they are members of this evil sect and would seldom admit it, yet by some form of universal osmosis they adopt its teachings, chanting mantras driven by pure jealousy, an emotion upon which all of their bleatings seem based. They have seen their monopoly eroded during an extremely painful period in Gatesian history and feel bound to act. They see their power base declining, and like depraved evangelists they kick and scream and use rampant mis-information to stir up trouble.

Just a little taste…. and you’ll be hooked.

This hackneyed technique has been very evident after the release last week of the latest iPhone.

Facebook has once again been the platform of choice for these hateful people; the place where they have again unleashed their religious propaganda and spiritual intolerance.

I was dismayed to see that even some of my friends have been going off like a frog in a sock over Apple’s latest offering. They’re waxing lyrical about how poor the operating system is or how much the phone costs. They’re foaming rabidly over how inaccurate the new mapping application seems to be. And their busy little fingers have taken great delight in telling everyone how they have to buy a new case because the iPhone 4 case won’t fit, and that the charger connectors are different so you’ll need to buy new cables.

Well here’s a thought – I don’t care.

It was the same when I bought my MacBook.

All I got was soap-box speeches about how I could have bought two PCs for the price of my Mac. They babbled on about how much memory expansion would cost or how inflexible the software was. And they wrote endlessly about how I was limited in the applications I could buy.

Well, here’s another thought – I still don’t care.

I actually don’t even care that Apple has released a new handset – I’ve got a phone that works, I like using it and don’t need to buy another one – but I knew that as the time drew near for Apple to release its new iPhone 5 it would once again be open season on individual choice.

And I find that funny, because there’s often great entertainment value in reading what these desk-thumping ideologues have to say, not only about simple things like telephones and computers but also those bigger life issues that affect us all.

I also find it a bit scary, because for some it’s only a small step from using a keyboard to hurt someone’s feelings to using a weapon to inflict damage against someone over their choice of lifestyle or religion. There are some people who just can’t differentiate, and that’s a big worry.

The religious theme of this story was inspired by the recent goings-on in Sydney. Religious riots and social disturbances have become more frequent, and I feel it is our use of social media that is affecting our everyday behaviour. The line between internet fantasy and real life is becoming thinner, and we are stepping over it with alarming ease.

Whether I’m a fully paid up Zoroastrian or devoting myself to the teachings of the Lapsed Rastafarians is no-one’s business but my own. What I do behind the closed doors of my home is for me alone to decide. It’s me who decides whether I choose to worship at the altar of the White Apple or be seated in the Church of the Perpetual Reboot.

I often wonder if people forget that what they publish on the Internet is there forever – a permanent record of digital consciousness accessible for eternity. Whether it be shared around and read often or stored on an obscure server in a cluttered back room somewhere it matters not – it will always be there.

It will always be lurking – marking time – lying dormant ready to be resurrected when least expected and used in evidence.

What you say now is said forever.

And it doesn’t matter which brand of laptop you use to say it.

P.S. An apology. Whilst writing this story I seem to have lost interest in taking up the cudgels against the forces of religious evil. That’s the way it is these days, one minute you’re running with an idea and the next you’re awaiting the release of a new upgraded version. I’ll get back to you…


One response to “A Moment On The Tips, A Lifetime In The Chips

  1. Bartrim Vendells

    You had me going there Terry. I was formulating my response to your oversimplification of an emotive subject, then you had me smiling big time. Are you busy on the weekend? My iPhone 3 is stuffed and I need to decide whether to replace it with an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 5…

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