Her Smile

She has this smile
A smile that fills me with warmth
A smile that sets my heart free
to leap and bound in blissful joy

It starts as a grin, and as it spreads across her face
it bathes her eyes in a mischievous glow
Tiny creases form at the corners of her mouth
And her nose wrinkles in sheer delight

A funny comment may have set it off
Or perhaps I said something stupid
Sometimes it will come from just being together
Holding each other close as the morning unfolds
Arms linked as we walk in the warm evening air

Often something her silly cat has done
will bring it on
Perhaps a head butt in my face
that has me wiping spit from my cheek
(drool is not one of my favourite things)

It’s the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen
And it’s on the most beautiful face I know

Every day our love grows stronger
(that’s what happens when you find your soul mate)
And every day her smile beams wider

Lighting up my life


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