She’s All Grown Up

I had coffee with my beautiful daughter yesterday.

I thought it was not that long ago that we’d met for lunch, so imagine my surprise when I realised it was actually nearly four months ago on her birthday.

It brought home how quickly time passes.

Not that long ago I was walking her to pre-school, carrying her backpack and holding her hand as we strolled along. We’d stop here and there to look closely at a flower or observe a bug crawling along a fence. We’d chat about a million different topics in the ten minutes it took to walk to the school gate, and we’d make plans to do some drawings or make stuff with cardboard and glue when she came home.

In the evenings she’d tell me all about her day, and as we pasted coloured stars and crepe paper shapes onto sheets of cardboard I’d secretly wish that she could stay that age forever.

She’s all grown up now.

Even though she’s only twenty-two years young she has a terrific perspective on life, with opinions on everything from the big stuff like politics and religion all the way down to the silly minutiae of TV insurance advertisements and Facebook posts.

I guess she’s a bit like me in that respect.

The new place she just moved into with her boyfriend is a lovely two-storey flat in the inner west of Sydney, with polished floors and plenty of space. It’s close to the things she loves in life and close to her friends, and I’m just so thrilled that she’s with someone she loves; someone who will care for her.

And she’s just enrolled in a university course.

I’m very proud of her, but you probably already guessed that.

The world moves fast, and life can often get in the way of relationships. The mere humdrum of the day to day takes us away from the things that are really important.

How often do we say that but do nothing about it?

For now the occasional coffee will have to do, but I look forward to when we can sit down and really share some time.

I’ll make it happen.


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