Freedom of Choice

I try to understand people, I really do, but there’s one group I’ll never work out.

The people I’m talking about are those who use social media to try and make themselves feel superior. How do they do this? By paying out on other people’s purchases.

They use a Windows machine so they pay out anyone who uses a Mac. They bought an iPhone so they pay out on another guy who uses Nokia. They bought a Samsung tablet, so someone else is an idiot for buying an iPad.

Or they post gleefully on Facebook when a highly innovative and successful company from whom they didn’t purchase appears to be losing a court case with another company from whom they did.

I thought democracies were all about freedom of choice.

I have a nagging feeling that people who pay out on other people’s purchases are a little bit insecure in themselves, and that maybe they are bullying others because they’re not too sure about their own choices in life.

Perhaps they work in a bank but really wanted to be astronauts, or maybe they’re stuck fixing teeth when all they wanted was a nice job washing the hand towels in a massage parlour. Or perhaps they harboured dreams of winning it all on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” only to end up sweeping the floors when the studio taping sessions were over.

Whatever their problem I think it’s time they gave their fingers a rest and started exercising their brains a bit.

Not every choice we make works out for the best, and there will always be times when with hindsight we’d have done something differently. No one is immune to this phenomenon, and scientists have isolated and identified the cause.

It’s called “Life”.

But I think some people just can’t let go, and want everyone else to pay for their mistakes.

My message to them is simple – accept the choices you’ve made thus far, because there’s nothing else you can do is there? You can’t go back and have them over, can you?

Don’t take it out on me, please.

You may have bought a Ford when I bought a Holden, but it’s my car, and I like it, ok? (Except when it leaks oil, catches fire and leaves me stranded right?)

You may have bought your Galaxy and I paid more for an iPhone, but who cares, I like iPhones. Is that ok?

And you may like all the bells and whistles on your really cheap but amazingly powerful Acer laptop which came with a four hundred gargantubyte hard drive, a sterling silver track pad and gold-plated keys but I don’t care, ok? I like my MacBook, despite the cost. Ok? It does what I need. Ok?

In the words of John Cleese in the Fish Licence sketch – “It’s people like you what causes unrest”


One response to “Freedom of Choice

  1. People are empty and want to feel superior and need more things to do that and companies always need more $– ka-ching ka-ching…

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