Done and Dusted

So there you go, another year done and dusted.

The wrapping paper’s been recycled and the cards have been filed away, only to be thrown out later.

Decorations have made their way back into their plastic containers and the tree’s been dismantled – boxed up and shoved away in some dusty corner of the garage.

New Year’s resolutions have been made but many have already been broken; we always aim too high with those things anyway.

As the time draws near the kids are starting to loathe the “Back to School” ads on television, but for their parents school can’t go back quickly enough.

The bushfires are here and the high temperatures are causing a media frenzy, but they’ll soon be replaced by stories of floods and driving rain. After all, this is Australia.

The coming year is an election year too, so we’ll have the added pleasure of listening to the endless pap that spews from the mouths of insincere politicians. I often think they’re all just as bad as each other in every department.

The cycle repeats. Life goes on.

I don’t like conforming though – being a sheep was never my thing – so this year as much as possible I’m going to try and make the year do what I want it to do. I don’t see any point complaining about events unless I’m willing to try and change them, so that’s what I intend doing.

I have some major personal plans to implement and some professional development I want to achieve, so for me it will be a very challenging year.

And I’m looking forward to it, so that in January next year it won’t be just another year “done and dusted”.


I like to get feedback, so tell me what you think!

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